How to Draw For Beginners Step by Step

This is a good place to start if you  are looking for how to draw for beginners step by step, there are drawings for all levels, from experts to those who are just taking their first steps, plus you can choose by category (animals, people, cartoons, etc.). For the full ebook about how to draw Click Here! Learn How… Read More »

Addiction or Entertainment?

If you spend much time sitting in front of a TV, spending time with video games, and if it fails to meet its responsibilities for engaging in this activity, you may be having some sort of addiction to video games. Currently, they have become the main entertainment for parents and children, who are passionate about this form of… Read More »

Bike for (very) Beginners

Flying over Pinterest boards, a few nights ago I saw a bike that caught my attention because it reminded me of Mickey Mouse. At first, at first glance, I thought it was from Disney and represented the friendly mouse, but the larger photo I saw I was wrong. It was the Pewi Ybike Ride On Toy and Walking… Read More »

Humor, curiosities, rare, incredible and amazing things in the world

Page with humorous disconnect issues, wonder and smile a little selection of interesting and difficult things to believe in the world, to refresh, entertain, enjoy and share with friends. Newsgathering and unusual facts and ordinary in our world. Curious statistics, the origin of some words, mysteries and unknowns. Humorous and entertaining topics that will serve you for a… Read More »

The Secrets of Magicians, Exposed

Two magicians of Virginia have filed a lawsuit against the television network Fox for having issued a few television programs which have destroyed much of the business in the sector: millions of Americans have been on the small screen how a traitorous magician explained in detail the tricks that lie behind optical illusions used in common actions. Everyone… Read More »

How to Perform the Magical Trick; Revenge of the Assistant

 The magical illusion “Revenge of the Wizard” is a favorite illusions of magicians and experienced a lot of followers. The magician is enclosed by her assistant in a steel cage. The complicated aspect of this trick is to swap places with the wizard before the curtain reopened. There are several steps to execute “revenge of the assistant” indeed.… Read More »

The Burning of the Traitor

The burning of Judas is a Colonial tradition practiced less and less Lynching a puppet of Judas is a custom that commemorates the betrayal of Jesus by the Biblical character. It is the symbol of deceit, hypocrisy and ingratitude. This man is Judas Iscariot, who, from the Gospels, sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Until recent years,… Read More »

Tutorial: Painting with acrylic

The acrylic paint is an interesting painting technique that was first used artistically in the 1930s and was consolidated in the early 50’s, so we can say it is very young. Belongs to the group of “temples” which They are paintings with one of the main binders is the well known water. Traditional tempering is a mixture of… Read More »

“Mask”erading In The Movies

With ‘V for Vendetta’ and Anonymous, the mask of Guy Fawkes hits record sales. Recall illustrious 15 masks in a report with a lot of mystery. By CINEMANÍA Blame V for Vendetta, or rather the protests and actions Anonymous: odds sing, and tell us that the lucida mask by Hugo Weaving in the revolutionary film James McTeigue is… Read More »

Great Camera Tips for Enhanced Self Portraits

Self-portraits is not easy. If you’ve ever tried, you may have noticed what I say. Framing and, especially, focus, are two key parameters to get a good self-portrait. In the following lines I give you a few tips for the next time you try to have fewer problems. Are you interested? You are advancing the use of your… Read More »